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Hardness, iron, silica, sodium, and chlorides are the primary impurities that need to be removed. The fundamental procedure eliminates the suspended materials, which is followed by dissolved solids reduction (reverse osmosis) and EDI polishing. Common RO pre-treatment procedures include sand filtration, flocculation, coagulation, and clarifying. In the pre-treatment, nearly all of the suspended particles need to be eliminated. About 99+% of the dissolved salts in water or TDS are eliminated by RO.

The last polisher is EDI. Ultra-pure deionized/demineralized water is created via a method called continuous electrode ionization, sometimes known as EDI or CEDI. This process requires electricity. For example, despite using ion exchange resin, it constantly regenerates itself without the need for chemicals—the caustic and acid required in traditional ion exchange systems.

boiler feed water purifiaction process
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