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Paper Industry

One of the global sectors that uses the most water is the paper industry. Large volumes of water that may be tainted with chemicals, dyes, and other contaminants are used in the production process. In order to ensure that the water can be reused and to prevent environmental pollution, wastewater treatment is a crucial procedure in the paper business.

In wastewater produced by the paper industry, suspended particles, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and   biological oxygen demand (BOD) are the main contaminants. Several wastewater treatment techniques, including primary, biological, and tertiary treatments, can be used to get rid of these contaminants.

Sedimentation and filtration are used in first treatment to remove physical contaminants and suspended particles. Microorganisms are used in the biological treatment process to eliminate COD, BOD, and dissolved organic waste. By eliminating any last traces of contaminants such heavy metals, nutrients, and residual particulates, tertiary treatment further cleanses the water.

Reusing the treated wastewater in the manufacturing process lessens the amount of pollutants released into the environment and also lowers the amount of fresh water needed. In the paper sector, treating wastewater not only helps the environment but also saves money by using less water and producing less pollutants.

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