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leather Industry

One of the main water-intensive businesses, the leather sector, places a high priority on wastewater treatment. Water is needed in large quantities for the manufacturing of leather, which leads to the production of large amounts of wastewater. There are significant amounts of chemicals, suspended particles, and organic materials in the tanning process' untreated effluent.

In the leather business, wastewater treatment is essential for the following reasons:

  • Compliance:The environment may be greatly impacted by the leather industry's discharge of untreated wastewater. Wastewater treatment aids in the industry's adherence to environmental laws.
  • Resource Conservation: Reusing cleaned wastewater for non-potable uses including cleaning, irrigation, and cooling is possible. This contributes to water resource conservation.
  • Financial advantages: The leather sector may experience cost reductions as a result of wastewater treatment. Reuse of the treated wastewater is possible through selling it to other companies or using it as a source of energy. Environmental Protection: By treating leather industry effluent, pollution to the environment is lessened, and harm to aquatic life and natural resources is lessened. .
leather industries
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